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  Mesa Valley Guesthouse /Lodging

Peaceful, Perfect Astronomy, & Relaxing Atmosphere

Remember, it's a HOME away from home.  All you need is--- FOOD.  The nearest town is 42 miles away-- so make sure you have plenty of food and gas for your travel.  Check out the next page for more pictures!




   Guest can enjoy the peace & quiet of the valley. The nights are a magnificent wonder full of brilliant stars.  Guests attend the annual Okie-Tex Star Party every year.  Check out the photos on the next page of the awesome pictures of the stars!

  The Black Mesa area is simply one of the most beautiful countryside in the southwest offering opportunities for astronomy, hiking, horseback riding, rock hounding, bird watching, hunting, fishing, photography, sight-seeing and star gazing.


   One might spot a deer grazing in front of the house.  While hiking along the river or near the Black Mesa, one might see an elk or a bear.   Other animals common to the area include the big horn sheep, antelope, coyotes, bobcats, raccoon, eagles, turkeys, and elk.

   One is within driving distance of the many sites known to the area.  Some of the sites are The Kenton Museum, The Black Mesa (Oklahoma's Highest Point with an elevation of 4,973 feet), Dinosaur Tracks, Three State Marker (OK, CO, & NM), rock formations such as The Wedding Party, Old Maid, Wedding Cake, and Steamboat.

   Lake Etling, located at Black Mesa State Park, is a great place for fishing and one can also visit and explore an extinct volcano, Mt Capulin, located west of the Kenton area near Capulin, NM.​

Mesa Valley Guesthouse Recreation

Things to do....near Kenton,OK

 Places to see..The Black Mesa, Dinosaur Tracks